Creative Ways To Make Money At Home, And No, It Has Nothing To Do With Niche Websites, Blogging, Or Any Of That Crap – Part 1

I would like to share a story with you about a good friend of mine. We’ll call her Fratilda.

Fratilda is a single 31 year old mother of one, who is currently residing in Brooklyn with her sixty-eight year old mother, who helps her with her child, and around the house –and her cat Gamish(he’s actual name), a breathtaking large six year old Mix of Norwegian Forest and Russian Blue.

Fratilda –as many others, thrives on a single full-time 9 -5 job as a secretary in a medical office in South Brooklyn. Fratilda makes almost $2,000 a month from which she pays $1,300 on a shitty studio space in an old Manhattan Beach shack which leaves her with $700 which is just enough to pay her cell phone bill, buy the cheapest quality food, transportation because her shit employer despite knowing her situation –does not grant her paid transportation those evil bastadds! Anyhow –that’s not the point. The point is ladies and gents –is that our friend Fratilda is in trouble.

She called me for advice and I said to her, and this is what I said –I said “Fratilda –dear. You know how much our 17 year old close friendship means to me.

Solo Traveling Tips For Males –Because Males Want To Stay Safe Too!

I myself am not a very social person.

I like to do things by myself –and seldom involve other people. Like when I am truly bored.

Other than that –I stick to things solo. Solo traveling, solo singing, solo living, and solo other fun stuff.

So recently¬†I decided to go to Berlin Germany to see the¬†German Museum of Technology because it’s just awesome –OK?

I fucking love this museum and I will visit it again and again and again and again.